Guide for Students

This page may be updated or changed as we continue plans and preparations for the Virtual Silver tournament. Please check back periodically to stay up to date on information.

Important Note:
For Debate ~ We require a commitment to all six debate prelim rounds.
For Speech ~ We require a commitment to all speech prelim rounds.

There is much to think about, plan for, and consider when participating in any Stoa tournament, but in a virtual one, there are even more. Please read through this guide carefully. You may have attended other virtual tournaments this year, but please do not assume that you already know all of the information you will find here.

1. Technical considerations:

Please carefully read through the tab on the website titled “Tech Requirements and Info.” This page has important information that you will need to consider for this tournament. Don’t skip this info!

2. Drops:

Drops close to the beginning of the tournament cause unnecessary extra work for your tournament staff. Please plan to compete in all events you have registered for unless you have serious extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from doing so.

3. Name Badges:

We will not be issuing name badges for the Silver tournament.

4. How to enter and leave your competition rooms:

On the Postings for each round, there will be room number listed just as it would be at an in-person tournament. Each room number is a link to a live Zoom meeting room. When you attempt to enter a room during this tournament, you may be asked to enter a password. The password will be emailed to everyone before the tournament begins. Once you enter the password, you will enter a Zoom room where a Proctor will be waiting. There may also be several other students waiting in this room as well. Your Proctor will ask you to show your Name Badge, and then he/she will place you in your competition room with your judges in the order that you entered the Proctored room unless you request otherwise. It is imperative that you get to your rooms at the beginning of each round as quickly as possible and do not wait until late in the round to show up. Students who do not complete their events in a round by the end of the posted round time will receive last place in the room for that round. In order to leave a room after completing your speech or debate, you will click on “Leave the room.”

7. Debate Students:

Every debate student must have a gmail account and a basic familiarity with Google Docs. You will find links to learn how to do both of those things in the “Tech Requirements and Info” tab.

8. Student Integrity Pledge:

During your mandatory student orientation, you will be asked if you read and have agreed to a covenant that you will make in order to compete in this tournament. We are well aware that students may be tempted to cut corners, use “illegal” helps or otherwise take advantage of the virtual nature of this type of competition format. We are trusting you at your word. As a community of like-minded believers, we all hold to and value a high standard of integrity and fair competition. We expect that you will honor God, yourselves, your families, your clubs and your league by engaging in above-reproach behavior at all times during this tournament.