Come here during the tournament for up-to-the minute, time-stamped information!


5:23 PM (Central): Last call for PICTURES. Please submit photos of happenings during the tournament and your pets to All submissions must be received by 6:00 PM (Central).

3:24 PM (Central): We had an issue with Room 530. If you are having trouble, please refresh your browser now and try joining.

9:36 AM (Central): Remember to try refreshing your browser if you have difficulty with the link.


3:54 PM (Central): If you are having difficulty accessing a room, please refresh your browser. Some of the zoom links have updated.

1:00 PM (Central): Postings are going up for TP/LD 6! Thanks to everyone who took a ballot.

12:41 PM (Central): PARENTS We need a few more judges for TP/LD Round 6. Please come to ballot push ASAP!

9:41 AM (Central): The tournament would love to have some pictures so we can see all the wonderful faces of our students, judges, and staff and the pets that are part of their world! Please send in pictures to the the email address: Please submit pictures for the following categories:

  • Pets

  • At the tournament (Students, Parents, and Staffers)


3:35 PM (Central): STUDENTS Postings are up!

2:37 PM (Central): PARENTS We have lots of TP/LD ballots available for Round 4. Please come to ballot push ASAP so we can continue to stay on schedule.

1:08 PM (Central): PARENTS We need one more judge to get the next round started. Please come to ballot push if you can help us get the next round going!

10:37 AM (Central): PARENTS We need a few more judges for the next round. Please come to ballot push if you can help so we can begin on time!

9:30 AM (Central): We need more judges for all TP/LD and speech preliminary rounds in order for the rounds to start. Parents, please take more rounds if you can, and all participants' families please reach out to alumni, club parents, and friends to ask if they can judge. We can't run on time if we don't have judges. Please help us serve the students well!


4:45 PM (Central): PARENTS we need TP judges. Please come to ballot push so we can start the round on time!

10:40 AM (Central): PARLI STUDENTS please report to the parli prep room as soon as your round ends.